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BRIC'S luxurious suitcases, trolley and travel bags Made in Italy

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96 items, page 1 of 7   1 2 3 4 5  

One who travels with Bric’s travels with comfort
For over 65 years already, BRIC’S - an Italian brand specializing in leather accessories - is one of the most globally well-known and leading brand on the luggage accessories market.
BRIC’S designers create trunks, travel bags and accessories based on attention to the quality of chosen materials and to the details.
The offered product range includes wheeled trunks, suitcases, trolleys, travel bags, travel cosmetics bags of various sizes that are suitable for any needs. Sizes range from small accessories that are perfect as hand luggage, which you can take on board an aircraft, up to huge trunks for long-distance journeys.
The brand uses the best Tuscan leather as production materials, which is processed in correspondence with traditional technologies using vegetable tanning method, modern ultra-flexible polycarbonate, and high-tech, durable, stain-resistant fabric. Due to these materials, a trunk or bag will serve its owner a great while.
A simple and cutting-edge design emphasizes sophisticated Made in Italy taste. Accessories colors range from classic shades, such as blue, black, and beige in Bric’s BELLAGIO line up to more fashionable and cheerful ones, such as turquoise, purple, and orange that are represented in BIY line.
Bric’s trolley trunks are extremely light and mobile due to four 360-rotating wheels made in correspondence with Japanese technology, covered with high-quality rubber for smooth and noiseless transportation.
It’s worth paying attention to the genius method of making such a detail as a zipper closure: it is water-resistant, since it is covered with rubber finishing that prevents the trunk contents from getting wet.
If you are going on a duty journey or a business trip, the perfect accessories to choose will be trunks and bags from Capri and Bellaggio collections. Inside, they are equipped with special protective pockets for laptops and iPads, as well as a front pocket for necessary business accessories that provides quick access to necessary items without having to open the whole trunk.
An important aspect of Bric’s trolley cases is a built-in coded lock with TSA system – it’s essential for those traveling to the USA. This system makes it possible to open and close the lock at the US airport customs using a special key without damaging the trunk.
An elegant design combined with attention to the details, long service life and convenient transportation make these trunks perfect companions for those who are fond of quality and Italian style.
The Italian trademark Bric’s has always been a quality symbol. Those choosing Bric's accessories want to show their business partners and other people their high status and professionalism. After all, every businessman knows that a perfect appearance is the key to completing a profitable contract.

BRIC’S brand history
Being established in 1952, the company registered BRIC’S brand by taking the abbreviation of its founder name Mario Briccola, who was a master craftsman specializing in making leather bags and trunks.
Within its first 10 years, the company grew and became famous all over Italy. Its main strong points were and still are elegant design, high quality, and durability of the manufactured products. This made it possible for the brand to enter the international market in the 1980s; and within the next decade, it became the leader of the premium-class travel accessories sector.
In the 2000s, the brand becomes popular in the US as well – its accessories are used by famous people and VIPs from Hollywood and New York.
In 2017, Bric’s celebrated its 65th anniversary and summed up its achievements as for present days. The traditional headquarters of the BRIC’S company is still located in a picturesque Italian region – at the water-side of Como Lake, where today, children and grandchildren of Mario Briccola are still continuing his business.

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