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Cesare P. Paciotti comfortable summer wedge shoes

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CUOIERIA FIORENTINA –a symbol of traditional leather craft, exquisiteness and up-to-date style

BRACCIALINI bags shoes accessories

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126 items, page 1 of 9   1 2 3 4 5  


Browse the online catalog of Braccialini bags and footwear spring summer 2019: Themes bags, bags and wallets TUA Cartoline (Postcards), bags of particular design.
- pumps and heeled shoes by Braccialini, sandals that are in fashion of the spring summer season 2019, casual sneakers and ballet flats.
Braccialini bags at discounted prices, Outlet of previous seasons.
Find and buy your bag on! You will have the discount on the total of your cart!
Delivery as soon as possible directly from Italy with EMS courier service in any country of the world.

The symbol of the Spring-summer season 2019 by Braccialini  inspired by the sea and legends about it are mermaids. Besides this fantastic lady of the sea, the bag collection will present shells, flowers, and a fairy sea with a glamorous fantasy design in the individual Braccialini style.
Thanks to their uniqueness and attention to details, Braccialini bags can be termed works of art, depicting small and large stories and fairy tales.
The well-known Florentine brand of leather products returns to the runways bringing the themes of Wonder Cruise.
In the new season SS 2019 Braccialini presents four Themes bags:
- "Sardines" bag in the form of a classic canned fish.
- bag with a shoulder chain strap continues the maritime theme; it is made in the shape of a silver exotic shell, with extreme attention to every detail;
- bag in the form of a porthole, through which you can see the bottom of the rich Red Sea;
- mini bag in the shape of a golden fish ball.
The iconic bags of FIRST LINE by Braccialini:
- the historical Penelope model will be introduced, which has become one of the Braccialini icons
- Zoe Print collection is represented by  Braccialini Sea theme, with amazing mermaid and a ship on the marine background.

The most particular collections from the SECOND LINE TUA Braccialini:
- CARTOLINE (Postecards) The second Tua line starts with the theme of WONDER CRUISE. These bags are beautiful fantastic images that convey the spirit of famous and exsotic places.
- All Round, which has become historical in TUA collection - these bags featuring the images of dogs and cats enjoying winter vacations.
- Shape collection, it is another historical line of Braccialini bags, known for its extravagant bags. In the coming season, three shapes will be presented:  a camera, a life saver, and a glass with chilled cocktail
- the Stripe bags resembling sailors' shirts with white and blue stripes


The Braccialini brand was founded in Italy in Florence in the 50s thanks to its brilliant founder Carla Braccialini, she created a fantastic and glamorous style in the design of the bags. The Braccialini bags are unique and special, there are no similar bags in the world. All the creations have an unusual, imaginative and avant-garde design:  handbags made in a shape of a bird, a peacock, a car, a butterfly and many others. These bags are called "Themes". They have become the unique collector's items and collectors of the brand all over the world are also looking for rare specimens from the collections of the past years. In 1987 a well-known English fashion designer Vivienne Westwood (founder of the Punk fashion) added Braccialini accessories to her collection.
Today Braccialini has become a very famous Luxury brand all over the world.

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