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Vic Matie
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Granny’s chest: fashionable accessories from the 1960s and modern trends.

Ladies bags - creative artistic bags

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75 items, page 1 of 5   1 2 3 4 5  


While creative fashion could be all about how expressive an individual can be, most women have quite an extensive collection of fashion accessories which includes clothes, shoes, pieces of jewelry and bags, YES! Bags. However, a critical question that has always been left unanswered is why do women love bags so much? Could it be that it is a symbol of a woman’s earning power or perhaps does it have the ability to show how fashion savvy some women are?
One thing is clear, from the bag’s humble beginnings as little purses some centuries ago, to becoming one of the women’s most cherished possessions today, the handbag industry has grown and gained a lot of momentum making it one of the hottest selling sectors in the fashion industry today.
The advent of a lot of luxury designer bag brands that are competing with each other to be the best in the industry has caused an explosion in the production of artistic and unusually creative luxury bags to emerge.
Bellow, I will be unveiling some of them to help you decide on the next luxury fashion bag you wouldn’t want to be missing from your collection.


As the perfect fashion accessory for women of all ages and class, it doesn’t matter if you are a corporate woman, a housewife or supermodel, every woman deeply desires to look sharp and stand out of the crowd always while she receives compliments from people on how charming she is. Our astonishing luxury handbags  are a great way to move around with a lot of personal belongings while adding glamour it.
Our unusually artistic fashion bags are original handbags carefully crafted by the best Italian artistic designers. They come in various unique shapes and colors that imagine or are similar to different characters and objects such as bags that models different species of fishes, butterflies, shell bags, dinosaurs T-Rex-bags, Sardines-can bags, photo camera-bag and many other bags with the shapes of different unique animals or objects.


As a result of our unmatched dedication at providing you with the best and most durable designer bags, each handbag is hand made by the best masters and takes roughly between 2 - 3 months to create one of these exotic masterpieces. Every bag is composed of 50 to 100 pieces of high-quality precious materials such as genuine calfskin, python skin, 24K golden plated accessories, Swarovski crystals, fell, etc.  (excluding the accessories)!
What’s more, our unusually artistic fashion bag designs don’t just end with the handbags as mentioned earlier; we also have an extensive collection of bags with beautifully handcrafted colored appliqués that represent stories and landscapes. These amazing appliqués are made from pieces of eco-leather, beads, metal accessories, small figures, shells, with embroideries and colored prints, etc.
And there you have it, spice up that occasion you’ve always wanted to attend with a luxuriously soft feel and in class when the sun sets and get ready to be noticed.

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