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The new arrivals of designer women's & men's bags

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In the forthcoming fashion season spring-summer 2019 , the designers of the famous Italian brand Braccialini have really amazed their followers with creative ideas and shapes.
The central symbolic image of the collections inspired by the sea and legends about it are mermaids - the goddesses of the sea. In ancient times, sailors believed that the beauty of a mermaid would calm down any bad weather and wind, dispel any storm, therefore they decorated the snouts of their ships with a sculpture of the lady of the sea. Braccialini designers decorated their bags and shoes with prints with a mermaid and a ship on the marine background:
The Temi bag Sardines in the form of a classic canned fish

Trunk bags from the Zoe-Print line

A single-handle briefcase from the brand's iconic line Penelope.

These bags can be combined with classic high-heeled stilettos, Arabic slippers, and pointed ballet flats to create a romantic look;

or with leather sneakers with sea symbols - to create a casual and sports look.

A Temi bag with a shoulder chain strap continues the maritime theme; it is made in the shape of a silver exotic shell, and is decorated with handmade crystals and a sea flower.

Another collection's gem is a Temi bag in the form of a porthole, through which you can see the bottom of the rich Red Sea with its inhabitants, such as fish, sea horses and corals. The bag is decorated with handmade a tropical flower, crabs and corals.

The Temi collection is completed by an amusing mini bag in the shape of a golden fish ball. Such a bag will attract attention to any evening dress.

A beach, a seaside and marine inhabitants in cartoon style have been brought to life in the Marylin collection. These youth bags are a perfect fit for a dynamic look of a modern woman, who adores wearing jeans and sneakers.

The trend of this season includes geometric shapes and colorful zigzags.

The Naomi collection is dedicated to this trend: the leather bags in the classic shapes of trendy colors of the summer 2019 - blue, light pink, fuchsia, gold and eggplant.

The court shoes or sandals made within the same theme will look extremely fashionable.

The Italian brand's favorite image of the flora became the "identification mark" of Braccialini.
The bags with applique works depicting lush flowers with butterflies fluttering over them look just gorgeous!

A real miracle is the Penelope collection that consists of bags, sandals, ballet shoes and court shoes of summer colors: white, yellow, and fuchsia with attracting applique works.

The same style characterize Jasmine soft Hobo bags with flowers and butterflies. And what kind of shoes are offered to complement them - a real work of art!

The second line TUA
The "Postcards" line (Cartoline) has become the brand's icon. These very bags with funny themed applications in the cartoon style, have become the signature of Braccialini. This time, the collection is dedicated to sea cruises and vacations in exotic places of our planet:

- In the Italian town of Portofino famous for its medieval buildings located on the rocks at the very sea side; there, it feels like the real traditional Italian atmosphere.

- On the Hawaiian Islands surrounded by local hot beauties with Hawaiian guitars, tropical flowers, and warm ocean.

- In Dubai, where every modern styled building is a pearl of the contemporary architectural art.

- In Singapore - a paradise for the fans of orchids, tigers and parrots.

- In San Francisco where the spirit of free America is felt.

- In Porto Rico - where the fans of Latin American Caribbean exotics prefer to spent their vacations.

- In Spanish Marbella on the Mediterranean Sea coast with its white-stone Old Town "Casco Antiguo"

- In Miami - the city of pink flamingos, where you can feel American chic and luxury.

Another signature line is All Round that is represented by bags decorated with colorful applique works on each of its four sides:
- a bag with images from a cat-sailor's life, who has visited many countries

- a bag with "sea wolves" - pirate dogs of the Caribbean

- a bag with giraffes living in Safari Park.

The Shape line consists of the shape bags by Braccialini. This summer, when going on a yacht, don't forget to take a camera, a life saver, and to have a chilled cocktail when it is hot! :-)

Murales is another collection, by which Braccialini brand can be recognized - with its multicolored drawing resembling the kids' ones, against the black or white background, whose lines are embroidered and decorated with applique works.

The marine and cruising theme is depicted on Oblo bags - these are handbags of marine colors with stylized portholes.

And on the Stripe bags resembling sailors' shirts with white and blue stripes.

Choose the most unusual bag of the coming summer!

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