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A bucket bag is that kind of a popular accessory that never goes out of fashion. It returns after a few seasons and becomes the most popular among fashion mongers again and again. From the article, you will find out what kind of bag it is, what its characteristics are, how to choose and carry it.

What does a bucket bag look like?

In a store, this accessory is easily recognizable. It’s characterized by the width always being much shorter than the height. Designers make the bag look like a rectangle or an oval. It has no locks atop, so its upper part is gathered with a drawstring or closed with a button attached to textile inserts in the center. The bag always has a solid frame with an almost open top.


It was invented in the 1930s and its prototype was a bag for carrying bottles of wine and champagne. 10 years later, when it first appeared on a fashion magazine cover, the “bucket” became really popular. Nowadays, bag manufacturers use all the tailoring and design trends for it to meet the fashion trends and customer demand. 



Stylists’ recommendations on choosing a bag

The first thing a girl should do is decide on the size depending on the set of belongings accompanying her daily. If she only needs a place for a phone and documents, then a mini format is worth choosing. For larger items, such as water bottles and gym uniforms, a large bag will be suitable. Girls should assess their needs properly, since the accessory is always a little clogged with essentials. Besides, the bag’s solid shape won’t be able to hide its congestion.

It is better to buy with a margin in size



The next step is to choose a fastener. As has already been mentioned, the accessory can be closed with drawstrings and a magnetic button. The first option is universal for any style of bags. It’s handy and durable. However, the magnetic element is not always lasting and can be damaged, thus leaving you without any fastener at all.

And the last thing to think over before purchasing a bucket bag is its material. For everyday use, leather, or eco-leather it the handiest. It is convenient to clean and protects belongings from environment. A summer vacation look may be complemented by a brightly colored textile option.



Combining bags with looks

Majority of accessories of this design successfully complements the European clothing style. They are especially advantageous for highlighting summer garments of bright fabrics. It’s recommended choosing such bags in almost natural, muted shades. Usually, the “buckets” are minimalistic, so they will be suitable for the bohemian style as well, counterbalancing it a little bit with their calmness. Quite often girls buy them to combine with the 90s’ grunge, which is gaining popularity again these days. Men’s style shirts, rough shoes, and ripped jeans are perfectly combined with a voluminous and uncommon bag. 



Despite its minimalistic décor, a bucket bag is a self-sufficient accessory that attracts attention. It will help not to go unnoticed, to demonstrate your personality, and will remain convenient and handy at the same time.


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