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Cuoieria Fiorentina

John Richmond

Before meeting Prince Charles, Diana wore humble and boring clothes.

Diana Spencer before the marriage, November 1980

 Adoring children, she worked as a common assistant to a kindergarten teacher during this period of life.

Diana Spencer during work in kindergarten, 1980

She preferred plain shirts, sleeveless jackets and unisex outwear.

Diana Spencer works as a nanny, 1980

It is after meeting Charles that her amazing style began to develop. Diana chose clothes all by herself and started to discover the fashion world from scratch. Sometimes she failed, but despite the words of the well-known fashion critics she moved forward without hesitation. The Princess’s most unsuccessful look is considered to be her wedding dress; it was so voluptuous that critics the called her a “meringue pastry”.

The wedding dress of Lady Diana

Soon, Diana turned to a fashion stylist and managed to create her own unique, extremely feminine and aristocratic style that became the icon of the 20th century. Lady D was always characterized by airiness, elegance, straight demeanor and correct impression management. She is the symbol of England and in this season, the symbol of trends as well. Based on the Princess’s garments, designers introduced such fashion term as “the Princess Diana style”.

Elements of the Princess Diana’s dresses and hats rapidly conquer the clothes of both upper and middle class. Designers got inspiration from the wardrobe of the English symbol and decided to create clothes that would highlight femininity and delicacy.

Princess Kate and Princess Diana

Diana's Costume & Blumarine Summer Outfit 2019

An extremely important element of such style is voluptuous sleeves and spotted print.

Attire of Princess Diana & fashion image of the designer Carolina Herrera, from the summer 2019 collection

Spots can be both small and large. For a playful look, one can choose yellow or red spots, and for rigid style, black-and-white colors are recommended.

Princess Diana and Princess Kate

Princess Diana (left) & fashion dress from Oscar De La Renta, collection summer 2019 (right)

Striped clothes are also considered to be fashionable, especially the marine-style ones. A striped jacket will become a perfect fit for a pencil skirt or wide pants. Many fashion experts consider striped print to be an extremely fashionable one for summer 2019.

Diana's outfit & photos from the fashion show Dolce & Gabbana, summer 2019 collection

Striped pants of Diana and collection of Summer 2019 from Chanel

Princess Diana & Attire from Antonio Marras Summer 2019

In case one plans to go for a walk, a perfect choice will be a cool dress with floral print or an airy skirt of inwrought semitransparent fabric. Lace is another fashion trend of the coming season.

Diana's outfit & Blumarine 2019 summer collection

(from left to right) Princess Diana, dress from Erika Cavallini summer 2019, dress from Blumarine summer 2019

Dress of Diana (left) & Dress by Ermanno Scervino Summer 2019 (right)

Diana's Outfit & Skirt from Cloè Summer 2019

Cloè summer 2019

Christian Dior, summer 2019

The next element of the Diana’s wardrobe is a knee-long high-waisted pencil skirt. Princess Diana was rather tall and had long legs; therefore this skirt type accentuated her figure. If a woman not taller than 160 cm, it’s not recommended to wear such a garment, because the silhouette will look baggy. For women who are 160 cm and taller, pump shoes will perfectly suite a pencil skirt that makes the silhouette look slimmer.

Princess Diana & Collection from Versace Summer 2019

Princess Diana & Collection from Versace Summer 2019

Princess Diana & Collection from Versace Summer 2019

The Princess adored silk scarfs, which are in growing demand nowadays as well. Such a garment can be combined with a sole-color suit, conditioned that the scarf color matches the one of the suit elements. A scarf can be wound around a broad-brimmed hat or waist to accentuate the figure.

Outfit of Diana & Outfit from Philipp Plein, Collection Summer 2019

Diana preferred pink as a cross functional color. The experts consider it to be a win-win option for creating a successful look.

Pink outfit of Lady Diana & collection from Fendi Milano, Summer 2019

And of course Diana never got out into the world without her designer hats. A hat should be chosen depending on the goal of going out. A wide-brimmed hat will be the perfect option for going for a walk. To highlight the femininity, it’s recommended to place some flowers on the hat. The European designers, who create fashion collections based on the Diana’s wardrobe, advise using the photos of Princess Diana for choosing head wear.

Diana's hat & fashion show Moschino winter 2019

Diana & Summer collection 2019 by Carolina Herrera

Her integral accessories were bags that matched the style and color of each of the outfits. The favorite Diana’s bags models are still in trend. 

Diana with a D-bag handbag from TOD's

Diana with a bag named Lady Dior

Diana with a bag by Chanel

Diana with a bag by Jimmy Choo

* Our blog air-fashion.com is not an official news agency in accordance with Italian (EU) law 62/2011. If the published news or images violate any copyright, just write to us and they will be removed immediately.


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