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So, let’s speak about Normcore style and what it actually is.

Normcore is a style that creates a unique and avant-garde combination of the common unisex clothes’ elements.
This fashion line was introduced in New-York, the USA, in the early 1990s. Then, people still paid attention to the type of clothes one was wearing, as the saying runs “fine dress helped to impress”, and took an extremely thorough approach to choosing their outfit and creating their appearance. The common decencies implied wearing neat and expensive suits, tailor-made clothes made of expensive fabric and boutique high-quality garments.

The protest against generally accepted appearance rules of that time, which today we consider to be extremely silly and antidemocratic, could be expressed via clothes. During that time, normcore was an “antistyle”, a kind of an avant-garde self-expression and freedom from all the styles. It was a more moderate alternative to such extreme outfits as punk and hippy. It almost turned into a philosophic trend with the key idea to stand out without standing out, to wear simple clothes and combine them in avant-garde style, to pay no attention to opinion of the fools who respect only those wearing expensive clothes.

Nowadays, normcore and its various branches have had a triumphal parade across the USA and European countries. The normcore idea has defeated the outdated prejudice.

For example, when my mother came to visit me in Italy, she brought a trunk full of pretentious clothes in case “we would dine out”. Before that, I spent long hours talking her out of the idea, saying that a shirt, a cardigan or a hoody with jeans and a pair of sneakers will be enough. She paid no attention to my advice. As the result, she never got her refined clothes out of the trunk. And every day she used common clothes even for dining out in a restaurant: all she needed were ripped styled jeans and a pair of sneakers. Not normcore as such, but close to it. And that’s all because in modern small Italian towns, you will look like a rare bird wearing haute couture garments. People have started to live simpler. They no more pay attention to unnecessary conventionalities. Even the Italian Minister and Vice-Prime Minister Matteo Salvini prefers to wear plain clothes and very reluctantly switches to a business suit and only in cases when he meets other foreign politicians (as required by the etiquette) or when he attends Parliament sessions.

How to dress up in normcore style

BOSS Collection spring-summer 2019

Salvatore Ferragamo Collection spring-summer 2019

Normcore style implies combining the uncombinable. Garments should be plain without extra decoration, but chosen in good style and taste.

Nowadays, ripped jeans are fashionable.

Emporio Armani Collection Spring-Summer 2019

Denim suits almost any type of clothes; alternatively, one can choose sole-color unisex trousers or a plain long skirt.

Giorgio Armani Collection Spring-Summer 2019

Salvatore Ferragamo Collection Spring-Summer 2019

They can be combined with a shirt, maxi-shirt or a sweater.

Lemaire Fall-Winter 2019

Outer garments: a cardigan, sole-colored coat or a straight unisex jacket will be suitable.

Trussardi fashion show autumn-winter 2019

Bottega Veneta spring summer 2019 collection

The clothes colors should be muted: grey, white, blue, black, or beige.

Salvatore Ferragamo Spring-Summer 2019

Additionally, you can wear a plain sole-colored scarf.

Pringle of Scotland 2019

A headdress: a flat cap or a knitted hat.

Trussardi summer 2019 collection

Shoes. The normcore followers prefer sneakers, sole-colored sports shoes, espadrilles or casual ankle boots. However, some girls don’t forget about elegant appearance and wear court shoes or short boots.

Lanvin boots 2019

Stella Mccartney sneakers Summer 2019

Michael Kors lace-up shoes 2019

Max Mara heels 2019

A bag. A bag can be the only decorative element of the style. One’s imagination should have no limits here.
A bag can be of a fancy shape, brightly colored or with an ornamental pattern. However, a sole-cored one is more preferable.

Calvin Klein bag Fall-Winter 2019

Salvatore Ferragamo bag Summer 2019

Bottega Veneta bag Winter 2019

Lanvin bag Winter 2019

Both a mini crossbody bag and a convenient maxi bag or a bucket bag will be suitable. A city-type backpack will be a perfect complement to the image.

Lucio Vanotti bag, Fall-Winter 2019

Stella McCartney Shopper bag, Spring 2019

TOD's bag, Winter 2019

Joseph bag, Summer 2019

Bottega Veneta backpack, fall-winter 2019

To live a simpler life, you should become simpler, especially when it goes about choosing your clothes!

Jil Sander Summer 2019

Author Eugenia M.

* Our blog air-fashion.com is not an official news agency in accordance with Italian (EU) law 62/2011. If the published news or images violate any copyright, just write to us and they will be removed immediately.


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