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* Our blog air-fashion.com is not an official news agency in accordance with Italian (EU) law 62/2011. If the published news or images violate any copyright, just write to us and they will be removed immediately.

The Secret Garden collection by the famous Florentine designer Braccialini impresses like opening a gate and entering a fantasy world with tropical birds sparkling with thousands of different colors, ladybugs and exotic animals living among the rich flora. You have no time to feel bored in this magical place, it is easy to get lost watching nature penetrated with bright colors and intoxicating aromas.
A garden is a symbol of life, since it keeps blooming and growing endlessly, especially when it is loved and cared for. The spring-summer 2021 collection of Braccialini bags is full of the same kind of energy – it charges with positive feelings and romantic mood.



Extravagantly shaped bags and shoppers, shoulder bags and backpacks with clear and restrained lines, decorative accessories enriched with flowers and bees reviving the gardens, and exotic birds. Attention to every detail is the secret behind creating the coming season masterpieces. 

The finest details, such as intertwined handles, multicolored prints, handmade flowers, embroidery, and bead applique works emphasize the exclusiveness of the items.



Iconic Braccialini lines.

TEMI collection (Themes).
In the forthcoming season, Braccialini’s “secret garden” has been complemented by three new pieces of art created by the magical hands of Italian jewelers and tanners.

A golden box of secrets with a heart-shaped lock and a solid handle: made of soft leather and decorated with handmade accessories, such as a key acting as a zipper slider. 

An attractive cute ladybug-shaped bag is a symbol of good luck; all red with large black enameled polka dots and a handle shaped as a plant branch decorated with a splendid handmade flower! 


An extravagant “Orangery” bag: was born this season as a magnificent pearl of Italian designers’ creativity. The Orangery is made of rhodium-plated metal – all by hand by Florentine jewelers. In a finely crafted case with a solid handle atop, there is a soft leather bag that is closed with a string and decorated with numerous tiny leather flowers, whose colors can be seen through slight slits on this small handbag’ body. 




BRITNEY collection
An airy and romantic collection enriched with an exclusive design and containing a lot of different models: from mini handbags to more spacious bags, such as a Tote bag and a casual backpack. The bags are decorated with prints. For those who are fond of the smartest birds on Earth, there is a bag depicting a pair of Macaws – the red and the blue sitting amidst flowers on a rope with a knot and a heart-shaped lock, which symbolizes their love and affection.



A more feminine version – with pink flamingos on a beige background: two pink flamingos surrounded by flowers and butterflies in an exotic garden.



PENELOPE collection
These romantic iconic bags with a flap and a single handle by the famous designer Braccialini are decorated with flowers and drawings. A sophisticated version in avio color demonstrates femininity and is emphasized by a variety of colors located chequerwise on the flap. 



Another version contains a relief bee with wings of transparent enamel and a small gorgeous crown.
The most uncommon version of this season – a bag in a dichromatic white and pink scheme – is made using laser technology and demonstrates an exclusive image of flowers and pink flamingos applied to sequin appliques.



CARTOLINE (postcards) collection
Unusual images of the best-known gardens in the world made using the collage technique coupled with embroidery and applique works can be seen on these iconic collectible postcard bags!
The Boboli Gardens against Florence backdrop: a gentle greeting to the city of artists;


a pop-girl in New York’s Central Park;

An exquisite Parisian dancer from the Moulin Rouge cabaret waiting for the train on Trocadero;

A noble fashionably dressed Roman lady on a flaming Fiat 500 accompanied by a small white dog, with Villa Borghese in the background; 



A romantic Dutch girl admiring the Keukenhof garden, a windmill, butterflies, and colorful tulips;



An unforgettable trip to good old England reminding of the concert in London’s Hyde Park; 



The Imperial Gardens in Tokyo with a Japanese girl amidst cherry blossoms and butterflies;

And finally, an extremely elegant girl in white wearing a hat and glasses, visiting the fantastic Garden of Wonders in Dubai! 



SHAPE collection

Just like previous seasons, this legendary collection excites and presents small exclusive bags shaped as amusing items.

A silver garden bucket with a solid metal handle: decorated with a zipper closure shaped as a green leaf and a butterfly application, as well as a beautiful pendant formed as a garden shovel. 



A romantic flower seed bag, decorated in avio and beige shades – this handbag is made in the 1920s’ vintage style.

A large strawberry of a juicy red color, decorated with small yellow rivets, seems like having come to our world from a fairy tale!

Having removable shoulder straps, these handbags can be worn as a convenient casual accessory.

* Our blog air-fashion.com is not an official news agency in accordance with Italian (EU) law 62/2011. If the published news or images violate any copyright, just write to us and they will be removed immediately.


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