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* Our blog air-fashion.com is not an official news agency in accordance with Italian (EU) law 62/2011. If the published news or images violate any copyright, just write to us and they will be removed immediately.

The new arrivals of designer women's & men's bags






“Each does what he can” – this is how one can call modern fashion shows. Present days’ society is characterized by being free in choosing clothes, fashion looks, social behavior, and relations. No one will look at you with a jaundiced eye anymore if you put on torn jeans – they don’t mean you are an untidy tramp. Or if you decide on a tuxedo – others will think it’s odd, but no one will discriminate or harass a person for his choice of clothes. And what about accessories?

Despite the diversity of styles and models, we’ll try to highlight the recognized world designers’ and trendsetters’ common features.

To be noted that many brands have turned to the ancient, medieval and Renaissance era fashion history.


- A “Reticule” bag. In 2023, almost all well-known historical French and Italian fashion houses recreated bag models from the Renaissance and the Empire Eras, as well as the Great French Revolution. These are bag models that ladies of that period carried on their corsets. You can see them in museums, paintings, and engravings: Reticule bags, Pompadour bags, pendant bags from the XVI-XVIII centuries.


Photo of the middle of the 19th century  -  Balmain bag 2023

Balmain bag 2023 - Catherine Parr, Queen of England, 1545 portrait.

 Chanel bag 2023 - Pouch bags, 16th - 18th centuries

 Chanel bag 2023 - Engraving mid-19th century

 Giorgio Armani clutch bag 2023 - Photo retro 1920s

 Giorgio Armani mini  bag 2023 - 16th century handbag


- Antique style: accessories and clothes in the ancient Egyptian style, with faux wooden and golden elements; the ancient Greek patterns; the Vikings’ “chain mails” and bags shaped as antique waist pouches.


Fashion Show of Balmain ready to wear 2023


Ancient Greek vase, Perseus carries off the head of the Gorgon Medusa - Bottega Veneta Bucket Bag, S/S 2023

 Balmain bag -  Versace bag, Spring-summer 2023

Medieval waist bags - Louis Vuitton bag SS 2023


- Medieval bags. Pouches or waist bags were in fashion in the Middle Ages. Designers have recreated the shapes of these antique bags in a modern interpretation and colors.


Belt pouch, Germany 1550-1570 - Giorgio Armani handbag summer 2023


- Crocheted bags made of thread or straw, as well as clutches in the early XX century’s style will also be fashionable in the coming season 2023.


Engraving 1810 - Christian Dior bag spring-summer 2023

Photo retro 1930-1940' - Clutch Giorgio Armani 2023


- The progenitor-brands of modern bags offer vintage models with the fermail clasp from the 1930-40s in new colors and materials.


Clutch bag 1930 -  Chanel bag 2023

Vintage Photograph 1920's - Louis Vuitton Bag 2023


Shapes and sizes

The main shapes that will be in trend in summer 2023:

A large voluminous hobo bag, a satchel bag, or a banana bag. Almost all the giants of the world’s runways offer these kinds of bags.



Versace - Bottega Veneta

- Small and neat baguette bags.



- Bucket bags or basket bags with a long strap to carry on the shoulder or to carry in the hand. They are available in various models and materials – knitted bags, bags made of straw, leather, beads, and fabric.



- Maxi clutches with wrist handles and interesting accessories.



- Tiny bags – with a long shoulder strap or with a small neat handle, fancily shaped and beautifully decorated.


Giorgio Armani - Chanel, 2023

Valentino - Dolce Gabbana

Versace - Valentino


- Bags of unusual shapes: polyhedral bags; a house bag – the most memorable, but hardly the brand-new idea. The famous Florentine designer Carla Braccialini already made house-shaped bags back in 2000. However, Louis Vuitton – the famous voyage bag brand of the early XIX century – offers its own version for the coming Summer 2023 season. Decide on the one you like most!


Valentino - Bottega Veneta

Louis Vuitton, SS 2023

Carla Braccialini, 2004



Stones, rhinestones, sequins, and, the most important of all – fringe. Fringe is in fashion again. French brands presented bag models with leather or straw fringe. 



However, the English singer and designer Victoria Beckham apparently thought of her grandmother’s tablecloth and lampshade! Although, dresses, fans, and bags with such fringe were in fashion in the Victorian era.



To sum up, it can be added that the summer 2023 runways are a parade of all the bag models from the ancient world to the 1970s. Nothing new. Just all the well overlooked old things.

* Our blog air-fashion.com is not an official news agency in accordance with Italian (EU) law 62/2011. If the published news or images violate any copyright, just write to us and they will be removed immediately.


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