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The new arrivals of designer women's & men's bags






Treasure hunting, jungle adventures, exotic traditions, beaches by the azure seas, savage trips to the old European cities, and of course, unlimited shopping – the new Braccialini bag collection Summer 2023 touches upon all these ideas.

The most beautiful and adored lines by Braccialini
The Britney line. This line has been around for several years, and the fans of Braccialini bags have already fallen in love with it. The line is special for its colorful prints of nice designer illustrations on every side of the bags. It includes all types of bags and accessories – from clutches and shoppers, to backpacks, purses, and clothes. This season, the theme of the Britney line illustrations is inspired by the tale of the English writer D.R. Kipling called Mowgli. The bags feature bright prints of Bagheera the panther among heaps of Indian treasures – emerald and sapphire jewelries guarded by an old cobra. The illustration is enriched with tropical flowers. The bags are available in 2 colors – with a black or a white pearl background.

The Shape line. This line is somewhat reminiscent of the most famous Temi line by Carla Braccialini. The bags are shaped like animals or various objects. They are extremely beautiful and the most unusually looking in the world. Besides, unlike Temi, they are designed for any category of customers. The Shape line is dedicated to precious stones and jewelry – a diamond-shaped bag, a green sapphire bag, a gold ingot bag, a bag looking like a pouch for precious stones, and a jewelry locker bag.

The first premium Temi line is represented by a bag shaped as a summer hat with a bow.

A romantic bag with handmade flowers all over the surface of the bag’s front side and a charming tiger made of jewelry metal is a highlight of the cult Penelope line. Tiger eyes are made of green crystals and give it a special charm.

The iconic Cartoline (Postcards) line. In the summer 2023 season, we’ll dive into adventures and world tours, exploring traditions and historical sites of Greece, China, Brazil, Italy, and Kenya. We’ll relax by the azure sea of the Bahamas and shop in fashionable boutiques in Dubai.

The All-Round line is another one beloved by the fans of Braccialini bags. It’s dedicated to cute cartoon characters – a bear, cats, and dogs. The line consists of a bag with dogs hunting for treasures, a bag with a cat who owns a jewelry store and a queen cat, and a backpack with a bear shopping in a jewelry store. These bags are notable by handmade applique works and designer illustrations made on every side of the accessory. The bags are complemented by All-Round wallets dedicated to the same theme.

The Rock line – the name of the line speaks for itself – a bit of metal, brightness, and a colorful mosaic of shades. The bags are decorated with metal spikes and rivets, embroidery, crystals, and sequins. On the front side, there’s a metal lock with the Braccialini logo. Invariable images related to rock music – crystal bright red lips, a “Love” inscription made of sequins, and an embroidered heart pierced by an arrow. The line includes two versions of both small mini-bags and shoppers, as well as backpacks and shoulder bags – in black or white.

Here we’ve talked about the most interesting and memorable lines from the Summer 2023 collection by Braccialini. These bag models will not only make your look unique and extravagant but will become a collectible as well. The limited series of the Cartoline, Shape, All Round, Temi, and Penelope bags from previous collections are already auctioned, and Braccialini fans are hunting for them to add a rare item to their collections.
Visit the Fashion Brands – Braccialini section on our website and discover the whole range of accessories by Braccialini!



* Our blog air-fashion.com is not an official news agency in accordance with Italian (EU) law 62/2011. If the published news or images violate any copyright, just write to us and they will be removed immediately.


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