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With a new season come new trends to take part in! Be it a new color palette, your favorite designer's new line, or a new accessory, there is something to always be on the lookout to add to your closet. What this season's latest trend? Color blocking!

The History of Color Blocking
So what exactly is color blocking and how did it become such an iconic trend within fashion? It all started in the 1940s when Yves St. Laurent debuted a dress that was incredibly fashion-forward and not entirely accepted. This dress was reminiscent of abstract impressionist paintings by Kazimir Malevich, Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian. Even though this dress was seen as bold work of wearable art, no one was ready to grab it and wear it to their next dinner function. This is understandable since it’s blocked out, geometric pattern, with bold primary colors wasn't the fashion that was sought out for the time.


It wasn't until the late 1950s that color blocking was being utilized in mainstream fashion, but of course, it was a bit subtler than Laurent's early creation. 


Looking further into the fashion timeline though, we see bolder colors and color blocking styles be utilized in fashion, From the retro mod style of the 60s all the way to the urban hip hop culture of the 90s, mixing bright colors with bold blocked patterns and pieces became all the rage.

Color Blocking in Today’s Fashion
Today, color blocking in fashion has taken on a less literal definition. While you can still utilize the geometric, multi-colored prints of the 90s, color blocking now is seen as something different. In today's fashion culture, it is often seen as blocking off parts of your outfit with different, or the same, colors. There are three main ways to color-block an outfit.

1.    Monochromatic: Where you can use the same color throughout the entire outfit.
2.    Color Family: Utilizing colors within the same family to formulate an outfit. For example, wearing multiple shades of blue in one look
3.    Contrasting: Pairing pieces that are different in color and tone, for example, pairing a bright pink top with a dark indigo skirt.

Color Blocking by Sara Battaglia

More modern designers offer color blocking options in the colors of this season like vibrant pinks, bright greens, and beautiful blues, to create eye-catching looks that pop. For example take a look at this urban street style outfit. It mixes the urban look of the 90s hip hop color block with a perfect bag that continues on the color palette. Adding a simple bag within the color palette truly elevates this monochromatic look.

Color Blocking by @masha_lya

Color Blocking With Your Favorite Bag
So how do you bring color blocking into your own personal style? We think the easiest way to do this is by accessorizing. Adding a bag will not only provide you with a pop of color in your outfit but also allows you to take that first step into bringing color blocking and eye-catching colors into your wardrobe. Well let’s start with this awesome modern Cromia backpack. When you look at the design you can see the greens, purples, and yellow that you can pull into your outfit, to pair with the bag.
You can have a base of the green jeans or pants and pair it with bright yellow accessories like cool sunglasses and fun shoes. Maybe even contribute to the cactus print by emulating the bag’s design in your shirt.

Color Blocking style recreated by italian designer Massimo Braccialini. Matching look with the M BRC by Massimo Braccialini bags.

 Another amazing look you can create with Braccialini bags. Are very unusual, colored and can give you a much ideas for choose a fantasy creative look.: Who is taking control of iconic spring colors and bringing a color blocking effect to its bags.
For example, you can create a modern casual pink color-blocking outfit with pink, white and blue Braccialini bag. Take a look at Russian blogger, @masha_lya, for some inspiration. She combined the pink coat, with pink pants and umbrella. For complete her look she put on the scarf with pink, white and blue strips! It looks really fantastic!

If bold patterns aren’t exactly your style, you can use a bag of solid that has simple patterns and more classic color options, like Furla bags. Furla specializes in classic monochromatic bags in colors like ruby red, orange, white, light blue, pink, grey, brown, black and white.

Try creating your own color blocking outfits! You will for sure find a perfect way to incorporate this bold trend into your daily look.

* Our blog air-fashion.com is not an official news agency in accordance with Italian (EU) law 62/2011. If the published news or images violate any copyright, just write to us and they will be removed immediately.


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