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* Our blog air-fashion.com is not an official news agency in accordance with Italian (EU) law 62/2011. If the published news or images violate any copyright, just write to us and they will be removed immediately.

The autumn forest colors, its flora and fauna, medieval legends and fairy tales, travelling, new cities and countries – all of these you can find in the fall-winter collection presented by the famous Florentine brand Braccialini. For their new collection, fashion designers used new techniques and styles: combined modern denim with renaissance tapestry-type embroidery, embossing and gold thread, jewelers’ decorative work and a modern daring design.



It is thanks the brand’s founder Carla Braccialini’s brilliant idea to make bags shaped as various items or characters that Braccialini brand has become unique and famous all over the world. TEMI bags are hand-made. Sometimes, artists and designers have to work for months to come up with and create such a masterpiece. After all, each bag consists of many pieces and details: from 50 to 300. New uncommon materials are carefully thought out and selected. This work amazes with its result! Temi bags never go out of fashion and become even more expensive over the years, because besides their unusual design and hand work, these unique bags are produced in extremely limited quantities.


This fall, the brand delights us with new characters from the Temi collection.

The Autumn Basket bag. It is a woven leather basket and filled with autumn forest gifts: colorful leaves, mushrooms, acorns, and flowers. All these details are hand-made of genuine leather or metal. 


The White Hare bag. The bag is shaped as a hare prepared for over-wintering, who has changed its color to snow-white. The hare’s ears and body are made of genuine leather, and the fluffy tail – of fur. Its eyes and nose are of enameled jewelry metal. An extremely cute bag! 


The Spider Web bag. For those fond of the gothic, “witch style” or rock style. This bag is not only a design masterpiece, but of jewelry art as well. The bag is decorated with silver thread embroidery and beads presenting a spider web, as well as a spider and an insect caught in this web – these characters are made in every detail of jewelry metal and decorated with crystals. The bag’s another uncommon detail is a jewelry chain in the shoulder strap with crystal insets.




The Braccialini-patented bag model is a convenient mini-briefcase with a few compartments. The fall-winter collection is dedicated to the Renaissance theme.

The most expensive option is a black leather bag with embossing and embroidery depicting a male and female cats – the king and the queen wearing historical clothes in the Renaissance environment with deer, peacocks and owls, roses and monograms of the brand. 


An unusual option is a denim bag with tapestry-type embroidery and applique works of velvet and jacquard fabric pieces.


The bag made of white leather with embroidery looking like a medieval tapestry pattern is enriched with images of Venus surrounded by forest animals and birds by the Italian artist Sandro Botticelli.



The Cartoline ("Postcards") line is one of the key icon lines of the brand. It is Carla Braccialini who got the idea to create it. On grey weekdays, you always want to cheer yourself up by remembering your trips and memorable places you’ve visited. The most uncommon solution is to capture your favorite places on the bag. Images of cities, flora and fauna, sights and famous characters are applied to Cartoline bags by hand using the applique technique. In the new fall-winter 2021-2022 fashion season, the company offers a collection of postcards dedicated to sights from the world-famous cities.


Moscow. The postcard backpack depicts St. Basil’s Cathedral and an image of the monument to the Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland on Shcherbatovskaya Street.


New York. The red bag shows images of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, a New York taxi, and advertising posters in the 1960s-70s style.


Dubai. A bag with a flap and an illustration of a beautiful stranger lady walking past the most famous skyscrapers in Dubai: Burj Khalifa and Burj al Arab.


Florence. A big bag with an unforgettable Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral and Ponte Vecchio – the bridge of jewelers.


Rome. Of course, any tourist who has visited this “eternal city” will remember the Roman Colosseum, an Italian cafe sign, and a violin held by a street musician. The sights of Rome can be seen on the shoulder shopper bag.


Paris. The bag showing images of the Paris Opera, a Moulin Rouge cabaret dancer, the Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa portrait – the Louvre symbol depicted on a brown background with Braccialini monograms.


Hong Kong. A small red shoulder bag with a postcard depicting a pavilion in the monastery complex of Chilin – Nan-Lian located in Nan-Lian garden – a small corner of silence and peace in the heart of this huge city, an image of a Chinese dragon from ancient legends complements the composition.


London. A black bag with a flap presenting Big Ben, London Bridge, a red London phone booth, and a retro-style London taxi. The atmosphere of “good old England” is created by an image of a cat dressed in a Victorian suit and a top hat, as well as an English tea shop sign.



A more affordable version of the Temi collection. This line includes bags shaped as various items or characters. On cold autumn days, you just want to sit in a cozy kitchen enjoying a cup of hot black tea with cookies and honey! Bags from the fall 2021 collection shaped as a jar of honey and a cup of black tea will always remind you of it. 


All Round

The Italian brand’s iconic line, which cat and dog lovers are fond of. The collection always consists of two bags and one backpack with images of cartoon cats or dogs on every of their four sides. 



A new line in the Braccialini collection. It consists of all possible types of bags – from a mini shoulder bag to a backpack. The collection is notable for the bags coming with a removable mirror looking as a rose-shaped pendant (the symbol of Braccialini), which can be attached to the bag’s front panel using a strap with a button. It looks cool!


Further information about the new Braccialini fall-winter collection 2021-2022 you can find in the Brands – Braccialini section.

* Our blog air-fashion.com is not an official news agency in accordance with Italian (EU) law 62/2011. If the published news or images violate any copyright, just write to us and they will be removed immediately.


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