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An important sign of gravitas

It’s a common knowledge that good clothes open all doors. Much depends on to what extent your appearance shows your wealth, true taste, style, and gravity. Business people have three accessories that speak about their qualities; these are primarily shoes, watch, and a briefcase. And that’s not surprising. Indeed, it is a briefcase that demonstrates such qualities as concentration, ability to schedule, business sense, and prudence. Naturally, any garments are important here, but it is this sing of a business person that catches the eye first. Therefore, it’s extremely important to choose such an accessory. When chosen properly, this item can give its owner only from the positive characteristic.


Briefcase material

Traditional briefcase materials are genuine and imitation leather. Recently, they’ve been complemented by synthetic high-tech materials.

It is widely known that items made of imitation leather not only look significantly simpler, but they are nondurable as well. By purchasing an item made of such a material, you risk having a camping equipment a la Mr. Bean in a couple of years, which may highlight your creative abilities and uncommon way of thinking, but it won’t have any beneficial effect on your business person image. And a high-quality leather briefcase can become a reliable tool for climbing up the career ladder – that’s the fundamental truth.

Besides creating an image of a successful person, a masterfully selected accessory will help to organize documents and other papers, and as you know, proper organization is the key to success. It’s worth being mentioned here that the leather quality is a separate issue that you should pay your attention to. High-quality items must be made of certain categories of leather with appropriate decoration.



Nowadays, there are certain varieties, for example, thinned leather, which isn’t strong and durable enough. Another modern material crafted by rolling out separate pieces of leather into a thin sheet with an adhesive mass added isn’t characterized by particular quality either. There are vintage items with artificial scruffiness.


Indeed, in this case durability is reduced for acquiring an uncommon look. Here, it’s up to the customer to decide whether to prefer the latest fashion trends or stay true to the eternal classics. Naturally, for a business person the most preferable option is natural Tuscan vegetable-tanned leather, which makes the accessory look expensive and vintage. 


When choosing a briefcase, be sure to pay attention to the manufacturer name. Nowadays, just like many years ago, Spain and Italy are the widely-recognized trendsetters of this segment. On the basis of their long-standing traditions, they create the highest quality leather products.



However, today they tend to move production to China, which is known for its cheap labor force. In most cases, it shouldn’t cause any concern since original high-tech equipment is used for production. However, when speaking about low-quality “consumer goods”, fakes are visible by naked eye.

Choosing a briefcase model

When choosing a model, you should pay attention to whether it combine an attractive look with practical functions. Contemporary items easily accommodate a variety of A4 documents, stationery, computer disks, as well as many other things a business person needs. At the same time, it doesn’t look overloaded and still maintains an elegant and stylish appearance. It is due to professional space organization, which the manufacturers work on.

Nowadays, there is a wide range of different models, from which everyone can choose something optimally suitable for their work and lifestyle. However, there are certain common points that you should pay attention to when choosing a briefcase. First, as it’s the case with choosing absolutely any leather items, these are seams. Even seams, accurate lines, and no defects is a perfect characteristic of the product. Then, you should keep in mind that quality is in minor things and details. For example, the handle of men’s leather bags should also be made of leather, rather than plastic or vinyl. The fittings quality, durability, and convenience is also important.

Color and style

As for the accessory color, there is a certain etiquette rule that says that the briefcase color must match the shoes color. Here, everything is quite simple. If you wear brown shoes, then the briefcase should be of the corresponding color. The generally accepted classic is black, which is not surprising. It perfectly reflects an austere, concise business style; besides, it perfectly matches a variety of color combinations. Therefore, with certain restrictions in the suits and shoes range, a black briefcase will be the most reasonable purchase.


Another most popular option is brown accessories. They look simply great when complemented by a gold watch and other jewelry. According to fashion experts, this combination creates an elegant luxury effect that catches the eye. Indeed, the more expensive the item, the more carefully you should choose it.



Taking care of the business accessory

Genuine leather products are characterized by quality, reliability, and durability. However, to preserve all these qualities, as well as its attractive look, you should meet certain conditions. For example, being a natural material leather is extremely sensitive to moisture and sunlight. Therefore, you should make sure to avoid getting into the rain or storing it somewhere on a windowsill exposed to direct sunlight. You should keep in mind that a briefcase is an important accessory that requires a respectful and attentive approach. This also implies taking care of your business companion from time to time. For example, using a water-repellent and softening cream will be a good idea. This will not only protect it from moisture, but from early abrasion as well. If you still got your briefcase wet, no way you should dry it near heating appliances or using a hair dryer – this will have an extremely negative effect on the material. You should wipe the briefcase with a soft cloth, without applying too much effort. You should also keep in mind that the product made of varnished leather requires special care products. When using regular ones, it may result in the briefcase losing its shine forever. For common leather, a variety of creams and aerosols are perfectly suitable. The aerosol must be applied to a surface located no closer than 20 cm from the source. After application, it is recommended to wipe the item with a special brush.

When properly chosen and taken care of, a convenient and fashionable briefcase will become your indispensable helper for many years.

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