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Ladies bags - handheld bags with short handles

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handheld bags with short handles  
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handheld bags with short handles  
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handheld bags with short handles  
42 items, page 1 of 3   1 2 3  

Women’s fashion 2022: handbags with short handles
Bags with short handles, which are convenient for everyday carry in any season, are one of the women’s favorites.
Many women decide on using these models as an everyday accessory that doesn’t load the shoulder too much. Fashion designers offer these elegant bags in a variety of shapes and sizes – these models are suitable for any woman and any trendy look.
The most peculiar among the bag models with short handles and four shapes that have been in fashion for many years and remain the everlasting trend.
- Bowler bag (or just bowler)
- Boston bag
- Tote bag
- Briefcase bag
And now let’s check the details and find out: what these bags’ peculiar shape is and how they manage to attract fashionmongers’ attention. How they should be combined and when carried, as well as how you can choose a suitable model for each look.

Bowler bag
Fashionmongers also know it as a satchel bag. It’s a rounded “puffy” shape with two convenient handles and resembles a 19-century style voyage bowler. The bag sides have solid frame so that it could retain its shape.
Most women choose this model because it’s extremely roomy and functional.
The bag is versatile enough to be used both for travelling and carry during a weekday. This type of bag models differs only in size and external decorations, but they are still easily recognizable and remind us of the fashion of the past.
The most famous bowler bag is Speedy by Louis Vuitton, which appeared in the 1920s. Elegant, small, and eye-catching with its details, Speedy laid the basis for all the future bowler bag models. Boston bag is an upgraded version of the vintage bowler. Its shape is more elongated and flatter. Tote Bag. Now let’s have a look at a bag type that the younger generation of fashionmongers are so fond of. This bag has an elongated and rectangular shape, with two upper handles being long enough to carry the bag both on the elbow or shoulder, and in the hand.
Tote bags became popular in the 1960s thanks to the American fashion designer and sports style inventor Bonnie Cashin and were named after her “Cashin Carrying Tote”. Bonnie Cashin’s goal was to design a functional yet elegant bag model for everyday carry.
The Tote term itself means “transportation”, “to transport”, and associates the bag with the idea of a functional and roomy accessory that can carry a lot of different things.
Given its versatility, this bag can be carried with a variety of outfits; it’s a perfect complement to a fashion look in any style.

Mini Briefcase bag
This bag model has a rectangular or trapezoidal shape depending on the case – a solid and flat one. Its shape resembles a classic briefcase – very elegant and extremely functional in use. Rectangular leather bags, both classic ones without any decorations and with prints and appliques, have become the eternal classics and have been in fashion since the 1960s. Due to its short single handle, this bag is carried in the hand. Given these models’ simplicity, they are perfect for creating a businesswoman look – confident in herself and her choice. Discover elegant and luxurious bags with short handles in our online store. New fall winter 2022 / 2023 collections of glamorous handbags offered by the best Italian fashion houses: luxurious and fashionable Tote bags, trendy Bowler bags and Satchels, Briefcase bags with a front flap, small and large Shopper bags. In this section of our catalog, you’ll find a true rainbow of colors and patterns: monochrome leather bags, leather bags with floral and geometric patterns, fur bags with animalistic patterns, and reptile leather bags.

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